The GANGFREE Project is a global initiative of the Rusty Keeble Foundation , which was established in April 2009 by Internationally Recognized Gang Professional Rusty Keeble.

Rusty was the Founder and Commander of the Orange County Corrections Department’s Corrections Anti-Gang Enforcement Unit (CAGE) as well as the Immediate Past President of the Florida Gang Investigators Association and the National Alliance of Gang Investigators’ Associations where he proudly represented approximately 20,000 gang investigators and hundreds of law enforcement agencies from North America and abroad.

The Rusty Keeble Foundation’s GANGFREE Project will provide the world’s first and only global campaign against gangs and gang violence that will provide global partnerships among communities, individual Gang Professionals and local, state, national and international associations, organizations, agencies and governments to produce a consolidated effort against gang violence.

Only in forming a joint union between all available resources, will the number of gang members and gang crimes around the world be reduced. This will ensure that our communities become safer and our children can reach their full potential.

Through the GANGFREE Project, we will work with gang investigators’ associations, community organizations and local, state, federal and international governments in assisting them with implementing effective evidenced based programs that will provide at-risk person(s) both young and old with the skills necessary to become productive and responsible law-abiding citizens within their community with a plan for their future.

But most of all, the Rusty Keeble Foundation is the first global organization where normal every day members of communities around the world can join the fight against gangs in a way never been available before.

Building a GANGFREE World – One Community at a Time!

No matter where you are in the world – there is a gang commiting a crime or recruiting another child into a gang. Join the GANGFREE Project in making sure this doesn’t happen in your city, state, or country. Take a stand Against Gang Violence – Join the GANGFREE Army!

-Rusty Keeble


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